Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The more things change...

I decided to do some changes around here, I got some complaints that the contrast of the text to the background made it hard to read (1), so I tried to make it softer on the eyes. Also, the color is closer to my title-pun so I thought it was more appropriate. I will be eternally grateful to the unix command utilities (specially diff and patch), which allowed me to make this change in a matter of a couple of minutes. I also re-organized the links in a more logical fashion (to me at least), in which I added a 'reference' section, to those articles that I consider should be easy to access when someone is trying to find information about Venezuela. I added the 'Oilwars' blog to the link section, as I believe that the other side of the story should be heard, though I consider them too biased in the direction of Chavez propaganda. It comes to join the Aporrea link, which though it's very pro-Chavez, and you can actually find some of the not-so good things of the Chavez regime in it (which you will never see in the propaganda sites), it is in spanish, so it would not fit my target audience. I purposefully avoided links to what I consider pure Chavez propaganda sites, as I very seldom read them, and it's mostly through links put forth by fellow bloggers anyway. It's been barely more than a week that I started this blog, and by giving me an outlet to fight for my birth country, I now feel that it's changing my life. I have to wonder, what was i waiting for!!.
  1. Fine, I confess, it was only one 'complaint,' but they asked nicely.
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