Thursday, August 25, 2005

I give up...

For the last year I have resisted the urge of creating my own blog, I have posted comments ad infinitum in some of my fellow Venezuelan's blog comment sections, and pestered them with e-mails. But until now I had avoided this additional time sink, I have real work to do after all. But I have realized that I need some more, I need to feel that I am doing something for changing the conditions of my native Venezuela, I do not live there anymore, but it is painful to see what has become of it, how it's being pilfered away to satisfy the ego of one man, it's painful to stay in the sidelines while the whole country goes down the drain. And if one more english language blog is the way to at least attempt to change the world perspective on that little oil-ridden country that is Venezuela, so be it. Before the last Venezuelan election that I voted in, I affirmed: "if Caldera wins I will leave this country," I could not conceive that Venezuelans could be that stupid, after all, every country has the government they deserve. At the time, thinking that Chavez was more than a side-note of our history (under 1992 coup organizer and killer of Venezuelans) was inconceivable, but then I left the country (as have now done most of my friends), Caldera pardoned Chavez, and the rest is history. So, for starters, let me just link to the pages of two of my favorite bloggers, the first one, to illustrate what many of us lived on those days of the Referendum on Chavez's rule (original in spanish here), and the second to show how many of us (I believe the majority, but recent polls contradict me) feel when the name Chavista is mentioned in our midst. PS: Daniel, Miguel, Alek, and Bruni, thanks for the inspiration.
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