Friday, September 02, 2005

You get what you vote for

Ivan sent me this post that got me thinking. Let me quote:
And this question also hangs: [The Katrina disaster] is just like 9-11, isn't it? Warnings unheeded, a late, strangely toothless military response, an absent President -- then later, denials and eqivocations, and aid promised but dilatorily sent. If you'd like to be startled, hunt out the clip of Bush's first appearance after 9-11, a short prepared speech done as a touch-and-go on the way to an undisclosed location. He looks dissociated and terrified. The 'strong leader' PR began later. That was the face of George Bush in a crisis.
On a previous article, I mentioned my point of view on the illogical selection that the American people did on the last election, just because of their 'gut,' 'fluffy,' feelings, and how the same people now started realizing what a bad decision they made. Now, during the Katrina aftermath, a large number of American Citizens, on American Soil are paying a high price for not having true leadership in the White House, for having a White House that cannot react fast enough in times of crisis. The first days and hours after a disaster of this magnitude happens are the most critical. Hundreds, if not thousands of lifes are being lost just for not reacting fast enough. Just listen to the audio link (on the second paragraph) of New Orleans Major's (Ray Nagin) call to CNN, if that is not a speech that could bring down a government, I do not know what could. And this was what the "American's being safer" campaign was all about?. I tremble to think what would happen on a real terrorist threat. Of course, now the spin machines will start, after all Nagin could just be doing it to position himself as a National leader. So that clearly becomes an attack point. By now the PR machinery could be working at full speed, diverting needed White house resources, to prop up the President's image. But the truth has been laid bare for all to see, the truth of the worsening Katrina aftermath is not something any truly Democratic leader should play with.
Added 10:48 PM: I wanted to make this only about the U.S. but I just read an article that describes Chavez's reaction under a natural tragedy, any similarity is purely coincidental. If you don't really care about your people you are not a true democratic leader. Due to their actions, you will recognize them. Added Sat 3:20 PM: 'Seriously Random' has an in-depth piece that gives some perspective on the whole issue, and what the reaction is escalating.
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