Friday, July 18, 2014

Venezuela, right?

You might have noticed that I lost interest in blogging about Venezuela. The same way as I started, I stopped seeing the purpose, as many excellent blogs were out there. Francisco, Miguel, and Daniel had it more than covered. My voice was just one more in the choir, one more that added little. But that was not the reason I stopped.

I stopped because it was affecting my health. I could not bear to see the state the country was going in without being able to do anything about it. Now, nearly ten years later, a new life a new perspective, and not having put foot in Venezuela since before this blog was started I finally realized why I had to stop. I simply could not bear to continue watching the news and paying attention to them. Venezuela became a sad joke, it just made me sick to even think about it.

Now, little has changed, Chavez died but Venezuela is a bigger mess than ever, money quickly being depleted and life becoming ever more difficult in that pseudo-communist utopia. No news coverage at all as the world is such a big mess that even the immense stupidity that is Venezuelan government and its massive suppression of dissent does not enter the international news sphere. Few friends remaining while most are making a living around the world, where their children can stay far away from the government indoctrination.

This post is the closing of that era. I have stayed away because I only saw a blog about Venezuela, so what else could this be about? Now I see other possibilities, I see new directions, I see new endeavors. Today I decided to repurpose this blog to be about more than just my nearly forgotten home country, and more about my life in my new adopted country, of which I have been a resident for as long as this blog was left abandoned to bit rot.

I cannot forget my origins, but this will not be a blog about Venezuela anymore. Other interests will come in, my newly adopted yet long-held Buddhist philosophy, the politics of my adopted country, the developments of my scientific and entrepreneurial interests. My return to finally finishing that long-abandoned Ph.D. In short, this crazy thing that I affectionately call my life.

Remodeling will be slow, the sidelines slowly repurposed, all of the bit-crud swept away with my attachments, I don't consider myself a blogger, just a guy that happens to have a blog that he could not simply delete from the internet. Who knows, perhaps I even decide to paint, it worked for Bush after all.

Unfortunately the comment section of the old blog posts fell into the abyss of bit rot. There were some interesting debates in there. You'll have to take my word for it.