Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Radio Open Source

Oh well, I guess I did not make the cut, but I hope I contributed to the background. And it would have been too much to be in the same forum with Miguel and Daniel!!!. This Opposition electoral strike has been better than I thought, a whole hour dedicated to Venezuela's situation, and in a program that can reach quite a bit of the American left.

You can find their own blog here and they will put up the audio file at some point. But if you want to catch the audio streams, it will be retransmitted today at 12PM EST by KOUW in Seattle (stream) and it will be re-transmitted tomorrow (thursday) by WUML in Lowell MA. at 9PM EST (stream)

But my opinion is that the message is definitively not getting through, the fight is democracy against a non-democracy (whatever that is). I don't get how in an hour-long program, after such an election, and the reports generated by all international observers, did not mention either report at all!!.

BTW: I did not know Daniel had a french accent when he spoke english!!

Mmmmph... I got the time wrong, the listings where in local times, I have now corrected them (I think)
Update: The stream is now online you can reach it in openradio's website (direct quicktime mp3 stream here)
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