Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm Back

Has it really been that long?, more than a month since I last published something!

I feel that I owe my followers an apology, and I have definitively violated Blogging 101's main rule: "post often," but then this is something I started because I needed to do something about Venezuela, and after a few more startups in that direction I became very disappointed and unmotivated with the general Venezuelan attitude. Then I had to catch-up with work, multiple urgencies, life in general. In short, there seemed to be no time to post for posting sake, specially when Daniel and Miguel do such a good job with the day-to day and are actually on-the-ground, instead of observing from afar as I am. But then I feel that I should have said something, even a "down for a while" post, but I just don't seem to think that way. And for that, I apologize.

My apathy got to the point that I stopped following much of the News (and the Blogs), and I did not know about the Candidates retiring from tomorrow's Venezuelan elections until 3 days after it happened (and it was Ivan that brought it to my attention), I'll sure have to write a post on that, since I feel that it's time for a pre wrap-up before what happens tomorrow happens (as Daniel did here).

Can I promise that I will not disappear again?. No I cannot, but I hope I will keep you updated when that happens.

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